Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am officially 33 now, I must say, it was much more exciting to turn 11 and 22, especially since Steven says 35 is old; uh oh! BTW, for those out of the loop, that dark haired kid is my semi-adopted son, Jesse. He also resides with a neighbor family, he managed to get grounded so we haven't seen him in awhile. If he ever gets ungrounded he may stroll by again.
Oh, and I have to explain; I was neglecting the blog because I was making a photo book for the hubby and I wanted him to see the pictures for the first time when he got the book. So, all of you had to wait, I guess I love him more.....please don't take it personally.


Lizzie Fish said...

ohhh...well, a deployed husband does trump just about everything else, included your devoted blawg following.


just don't let it happen again. (kidding!)

Morgan said...

I totally stole that picture. What a great one! I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I celebrated in grand style though, with lots of morphine! hahahaha