Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Invention Convention

The 5th grade class had their invention convention. Vaughn made a new card game, Carbunkle. He did a great job. He received an A+ on his project. The kids had some really great ideas. I was very impressed.

This is Vaughn's friend Cody. He invented the Pen-in-cil.

Rebecca and her school supply holder that attaches to your desk. No more excuses about lost pencils.

Jonah and his "All in One Cat Tube".

Garrett was SO ready to go by the time we were leaving.

Oh tooth fairy

Seth finally lost his second tooth. Poor little Seffer. He wants those teeth to fall out so he can be on the lost tooth chart in class. At least he made it before the school year ended.

At the beach

Very, very carefully......

If one way isn't working, try another. I love toddler ingenuity at work. Maybe we have a future Marine in our midst.

I wasn't too sure about this one,

but once he got his foot up,

there was no stopping him. He was so proud.

Woo hooooooo

Round and round Garrett goes....

Mommy was less then thrilled when he insisted on climbing this part, but they all grow up someday.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lunch at Ruby's

Garrett and I had to take my shoes in to be fixed, and since we were right downtown, why not head to the pier and have some lunch? Besides, after Garrett had stepped on my shoe and the strap ripped, on my very favorite pair, Mommy needed a little pick me up. I love the pier. It doesn't hurt that you can get a vanilla malt at the end of your walk out either.

Once in awhile, Garrett forgets which way to make a muscle. He is the goofiest kid sometimes.

There was some serious Zamboni decorating going on, how dare I interrupt with the camera...

Argghh Mateys, it's a Pirate Feast

Seth got a library book that was a Pirate Cookbook. It was really cute; unfortunately I don't recall the name. I know, if I would just get these posts up in a timely manner.....

He was really excited to make some of the recipes; we made:
Cutthroat Kabobs
Pirate Potato Boats
Pirate Punch

It was a lot of fun. The kids liked putting the kabobs together. And the potato boats had tuna in them, they were great.

Oh, I really need to do something with that sad little plant in the background. I am so bad with houseplants.

Garrett really liked the salami.

The Ultimate Street Sweeper

If anyone needs their street cleaned, Garrett does a great job.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So lucky to live by the ocean

I took the kids to the beach to pass a little time. Although it was not overly warm, they didn't care.

I think I can see China!

I love watching the kids try to build something and keep the waves from getting. They do it every time. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Garrett, dry as always. He always has one eye on the water. He is not a fan of the waves.

Jump white boy, jump.

Vaughn is just TOO funny.

The Fearsome Foursome

One thing I really love at Chuck E Cheese is getting these sketch drawings done. They are always so cute.