Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Vaughn turned 11 on February 12th. Hard to believe, but true. We celebrated on February 9th so Jerry could be there. BTW, the mark on Vaughn's chin is a bruise from getting an elbow to the face during basketball. He's very self conscious about it, so don't ask about it.


This is kind of like birthday take 2, I think it is pretty stinky for a little boy to not get to open a present on his birthday, even if 3 days before he got all his presents. So, I got him a little gag gift to open when he came home from school on his birthday. He really liked it, go figure!!

Happy birthday Boo, we love you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A new countdown begins

Yesterday was the day. You wait for it, it seems so close, yet so far, then all the sudden you are running late to get to formation. I just figured why give up the husband a minute earlier than I had to.

The boys amused themselves playing king of the hill.

I guess Boo won.Steven found other ways to keep occupied waiting for the buses to arrive.

We love you Daddy, and we miss you already.

Why buy toys???

I mean, seriously, why pay for Legos if the kids (younger and older) will build towers using the little cups of applesauce from the snack drawer? I guess it is the equivalent of liking the box more than the toy that came in it.

I Wanna Listen Too

Jerry got a new mp3 player to take with him, but he had to share. After all, whatever you have belongs to the baby he doesn't have to share:(

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Little Citizen of the Month

Seth is the January Citizen of the Month for his class. We went to the pizza party where they present the certificates to the kids. Good job Seth; we are very proud of you.

Seth getting his certificate from the principal, Mrs. Kurtz.

Go Fly a Kite, Kid

Seth was game for trying to fly a kite, but he solved that pesky running thing that usually goes with kite flying. He wore his rollerblades. Seth is on the very right in the first picture with various neighbor kids following behind.

In this picture, Seth is in the middle, with Garrett following behind riding his trike (which he FINALLY pedals). Seth must have gone up and down the road a hundred times that day.

Happy 13th Birthday Steven!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo, he's a teenager. God, please help us. No, teenagers are fun, right? Right? I mean just look at that face, the picture of innocence and goodness.

This is Steven's welcome home that day. We had those blowing things and accosted him coming through the door.

Don't you love when they get old enough not to spit on the cake anymore? This was try #2 , Garrett blew 3 candles out while everyone sang 'Happy Birthday'. He (Garrett, not Steven) probably did spit on the cake, but whatever. Happy 13th Steven, we love you.

Don't forget the teacher's payment

Our school's fifth graders have Colonial Day each year in conjunction with learning about the colonization of America. Vaughn's took place on Steven's birthday. Ah, so much fun all in one day. The kids have to dress as kids would have then, they have to bring lunch (of course, colonial appropriate, no cold cuts please, or plastic, or foil, hello fabric store), payment for the teacher (usually food), and wood for the fire. They write with quills and ink. Vaughn could not use his left hand (wasn't allowed then). Vaughn thought it was "okay", I think it is kind of fun. I don't recall Steven caring for it much either!

Aren't they cute?