Friday, July 31, 2009

I Sure Hope that Vasectomy Works

And this is just one reason why.
I am going to burn in hell for posting this, but it will be worth it.

(Seth, I am sorry. It was just too good not to share.
I hope you forgive me someday. I love you, Mom.)

Foster Parents Again?

Garrett and I walked the dog this scorching afternoon, and what did we find, but another baby bird! The last one was a lot cuter. Poor thing is one of those faces only a mother could love. Or maybe he's so ugly he's cute. Not sure. I think he may be a baby pigeon.
The workers were mowing and trimming so we made sure to show them where the little bird was so they wouldn't hurt him. You can communicate quite a bit through gestures! :)
Garrett did this funny walk all the way back home. And Morgan, do those 'flippers' look familiar? They should, and they are about 1/8 inch from being too small. :(

Rough Day at the Office

Apparently it is very tiring to be four. I went looking for Garrett when he was being too quiet the other day, this is what I found....


For all my non-Facebook family and friends, although I do recommend joining (especially talking to you here, YEE), I wanted to share the joyous sounds of the cicadas! Oh, how noisy they are every morning. And fantastically ugly. The picture below was taken the day we had the solar eclipse, so it looks like early evening, but it was actually about 10:30 in the morning. Oh, and lucky us, the eclipse 'reset' the cicadas and they got super loud all over again after the eclipse.

I took this video so one of my oldest friends, Becky could here them. She thought she missed hearing cicadas, but admitted they were not as "charming" as she had remembered. Charming they are not. Although they are a good child monitor, every time Garrett tries to sneak out the door, he gets caught! Aren't these things supposed to go live in the ground or something??

Togas Are Out!

Seth and Vaughn took part in a Summer Enrichment program. Basically that means I tortured them with more school once school was out. And in turn, I was tortured by the drive every morning and afternoon to pick them up. I suppose that is called karma. On the last day Seth's class had an open house and Vaughn's class put on a play for us.

This is one of Seth's works of art. If we ever need his fingerprints we're all set.

This isn't Seth's work, but I had to take a picture of it. What were they doing in these classes?

Seth (the one eyed kid). Seth's squid (the one in the middle).

Ah, brotherly love.

Again, not Seth's work, but we liked it.

Onto Vaughn's class play.

Vaughn was Heracles. When we got there I asked him why he was wearing a skirt, his reply, "Togas are out, skirts are in."
And sorry, there are no more still pictures. I was taping the play so Jerry could see it.

Tiny Eggs and Ham? No, Thank You.

We found these tiny little eggs on the side of our jogging (ha ha) stroller. We weren't really sure what may have laid them there. The best guess was the geckos or water dragons that live all over. Either way, since I wasn't sure what was going to come out of them, they got squished. Better safe than sorry. Especially since Garrett wants to adopt every live thing he comes across.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

One More Reason to Love Okinawa

I have never lived anywhere else that I would be on a four lane road and encounter a man pushing a wheelbarrow across the road.

Ying and Yang

Garrett R-E-A-L-L-Y loves the dog. The dog is V-E-R-Y patient.

Can't see me, mom!

Here I am!

Hey, who's at the door?

Seffer and Goo