Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Garrett!

Garrett turned 3 Monday. My baby is growing up, boo hoo. They really do grow up too fast.

He was pretty stoked about the crane toy and............

went right to work with it.

The excitement of the day was too much for Garrett and he fell asleep while we were eating dinner. We hadn't even sung 'Happy Birthday' or had cake yet! Poor baby. I figured we were done for the day and would just have to do the cake the next night. Garrett woke up, and the first thing he said was "where's my cake?' Well, okay, after he found me at Lynn and Scotty's.

So, the neighbors came over and we sang to him and cut the cake. He had this funny look on his face the entire time we sang to him.

He got all the candles with one blow, and I don't think he spit on the cake. Hooray! Good job, Garrett.

Thanks for coming everyone!
Oh, and please note, the crane still on the table!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today was a good day

Today was a really big day for Garrett and I. He was willing to wear undies, and he used the potty all afternoon, with only 1 accident!! He even went pee once all by himself. He did phenomenally. I am so proud of him, he has been so resistant to the potty training, but I knew I could wait him out! This picture was after using the potty, he put his undies back on all by himself. I think he did pretty well.

So after the 1 aforementioned accident (poor Optimus Prime, he almost made it unscathed), we had to change clothes. Garrett did the cutest thing; he picked these shorts, and said "I be like Daddy". AHHHHHHH. Just melts my heart. Sorry the picture is blurry, I have amazing camera skills. But, you get the idea. Thank goodness for Skype, we get to talk to, and see Jerry most days. Oh, and tomorrow is 1 month down. Wooo hooo!


We found the rhino-the next day at the Wild Animal Park!! We did see real ones later on the Journey into Africa tour.The lions were out in Lion Camp, they have seven cubs total, too cute. What a happy family.

Daddy Lion came right up to the glass, I think he was making sure we knew he was the "king of the jungle".

We got to see the baby giraffe, born just the day before. Already 5 foot tall!

Feeding the Lorikeets is always a big hit.

This was Garrett's favorite 'exhibit' of the day. I think he would have stood there all day watching them work.

It's a zoo around here

I took Garrett to the zoo to see the animals. He was very excited and wanted to the rhinoceros the most, but that exhibit is closed right now. Luckily the 'elesants' were almost as good. And a keeper came and gave them tree branches while we were there, sooooooo exciting. I think he said "look mom, look mom" about a thousand times.

Garrett was very enthralled with the gorilla statues. I couldn't get a picture of him because he would NOT hold still.

He wanted to ride the Skyfari (air tram), but he doesn't look too sure when we are actually up there, does he? What a funny little face.

Garrett makes friends everywhere he goes.
This picture is all for you, honey. I know you LOVE peacocks, and Garrett looks like he is plotting something.

He and I had a lot of fun seeing all the animals, now are memberships are expired. Bummer.

The boys and Grandpa

This is a picture of the boys with my dad from October 2007. I don't have a lot of pictures of them together so this is one I really cherish. I love you Dad.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wet Walters

We really were wet, it was a rainy day....
so the boys and I went to the Birch Aquarium with the Museum Month pass. If only I had found out about that earlier. Who doesn't love 1/2 price admission? We liked the aquarium. There were several hands on activities, the tide pool was the favorite. My favorite display was the Sea Dragons (in the picture above), what a cool sea creature.

This shark tried to eat the kids, but, against my better judgment, I saved them. I thought Jerry might be irritated if I didn't. I love you honey!

This was so funny. You are supposed to be the anchorman reading the teleprompter for a newscast. Vaughn actually read some of it, but well he looks unimpressed. Seth thought he was supposed to mug for the camera, and Steven, I think he was just plain lost and confused. That's my boys, I am SO proud!

I was off trying to find where the mommies are supposed to hide from the kids.

Garrett has developed that disdain for pictures where he just points his butt at the camera and becomes deaf to a parental voice. And, as you can tell, he really doesn't care to listen to the boys either. Thanks for trying Steven.

I'm just a liar

I finish publishing, complain to Vaughn about not being able to get anything done, decide to try again, just to frustrate myself more, and it WORKS.

I have the BEST neighbors EVER. They give my kids cupcakes the size of their HEAD! These were the largest cupcakes I have ever seen. Thanks Scotty and Lynn, you know we love you!

I Know, I Know, I Stink, but so does blogger!!

Okay, I know it has been almost a month since my lazy self sat down to put anything on the blog. I see Michelle has even called me on it! I really do stink. Today, I decide to go outside and watch Garrett and get something accomplished too, but blogger disagrees. I can't get photos to load. So, all of you who have checked and been disappointed in my lackadaisical attitude will have to keep waiting, ever so patiently to learn about the adventures (or is it misadventures?) of Jess and the Fantastic Four (thanks for the moniker Michelle, I like it).

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Call me Elinor!

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I am Elinor Dashwood!

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