Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Garrett!

Garrett turned 3 Monday. My baby is growing up, boo hoo. They really do grow up too fast.

He was pretty stoked about the crane toy and............

went right to work with it.

The excitement of the day was too much for Garrett and he fell asleep while we were eating dinner. We hadn't even sung 'Happy Birthday' or had cake yet! Poor baby. I figured we were done for the day and would just have to do the cake the next night. Garrett woke up, and the first thing he said was "where's my cake?' Well, okay, after he found me at Lynn and Scotty's.

So, the neighbors came over and we sang to him and cut the cake. He had this funny look on his face the entire time we sang to him.

He got all the candles with one blow, and I don't think he spit on the cake. Hooray! Good job, Garrett.

Thanks for coming everyone!
Oh, and please note, the crane still on the table!


Our Family of Four said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY! Crazy how fast it goes huh. My little Mag's is next! She went nuts over the Dora cake btw... guess what we'll be having in 2 months :o)

Oh, can someone send me Morgan's e-mail?

Lizzie Fish said...

SO cute!!! Happy birthday, Garrett!

It's really cute that he passed right out in his high chair!


KhrisW said...

He's growing up and getting taller! The last time I saw him, he wasn't short but he was short-er. Happy Birthday, Garrett!!!! I miss seeing you and your family!

Morgan said...

Hell, he's gonna be 4 before we see another blog :-|

Morgan said...

Oh, and Khris, get a hold of me, dang it! My email is still the same, but I dont think your's is...

Lizzie Fish said...



and thank you