Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Absolutely Yummy and Current!

This was dinner. A Monte Cristo-ish sandwich. Yum! Vaughn didn't like the preserves, and Garrett wouldn't try it. But the rest of us give it a thumbs up.
I spent the morning making red velvet sandwich cookies for Seth's class. I hope he brings one home, I really wanted one, but those are the sacrifices you make for your kids. I still have to make an actual red velvet cake tomorrow.
And no cooking dinner tomorrow, sushi-go-round! Seth really has good taste.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

March Madness, Well Our Kind

The birthdays continued, Garrett L-O-V-E-D the cupcakes I took in to share with his class. They were pretty awesome.

More cake later in the day with friends, then we kicked them out, literally, so we could get to soccer practice on time.

Someone was pretty excited to finally get the Batcave.

A couple days later, we went on a field trip with the preschool. To the Okinawa Zoo.

This is like a "Where's Garrett". Can you find him?
Better click to get a better look. Good luck.

The starving carp. We were lucky enough to get some of the last boxes of food for them. Too bad my kid thinks dumping it in all at once is more fun than throwing it a little at a time. Then asking for more. Did I mention we got the last boxes?

I now refer to this field trip as the unhappiest field trip ever. Just before the group picture, some tears were starting. The kids were hot and getting hungry. Right after the picture it was a slippery slope. The tears were flowing, the caregivers were running to get the lunches, the parents were trying to stay upbeat. It was a mess. After lunch and sitting in the shade of a pavilion for awhile, they all returned to their happy little selves.

We found Seth under all the hair. Look he has eyes!
More birthday fun. We eat a lot of cake in the first 3 months of the year.

I think the tow truck needs a tow truck.

Seth got to experience his second Ryukyu Festival at school.

These performers......

were KIDS!


Seth's class with the sumo wrestlers.

Soccer games finally got underway. After the first one, Garrett was done. He thought that was what we had been working up to. He saw no point in continuing beyond this point. The rest of the season was a lot of fun. Can you feel my sarcasm?

Seth realized we had a lot of soccer left, and that the soccer field is pretty big.

Monday, September 27, 2010

February Follies

Steven went to Korea for Far East wrestling. It is the equivalent of going to state. Only here we bring together all the DOD high schools in the Asian countries to compete against each other. Jer was lucky enough to be in Korea at the same time and watched Steven's matches. Steven took the silver in his weight class.

Later in the month we went to the wrestling banquet. Steven received the award for "Biggest Attitude"....apparently he throws frozen Hot Pockets at people.

Seth was showing off his smartypants. He had another quarter of straight A's.
I must say, Vaughn was getting straight A's too, but his school does not hold an award ceremony to recognize those students. :(

Someone got another year older! Happy Birthday Vaughn!

His mom made him a rockin' cake.

And rich as it was, when I asked for glass of milk, this is not what I was expecting.
I realize this is a "cup" of milk to the boys, to me it is a quart of milk!

The local community continued to amuse.

I FINALLY got a new hairstyle. Still have it, still love it.

Rough days being four, going to preschool, and having lunch before making it home at noon.

Then it was January....

Monster's Kitchen. Monstrously tall.

Someone dresses well for mismatch day.

Fanta World USA Hip Hop. Huh?

Crazy hair day!

McLovin, where's the Superbad fans?
And don't say you haven't seen it, just go watch it.
And Super Troopers, and The Hangover while you are at it.

There was still more of this going on.

Those kids again, they follow me everywhere.

In the Banyan Tree. I would be afraid of spiders. Good thing I have boys.

See? They are everywhere I go.
Like strays, once you feed them, they never go away.

Finally. A half way decent picture with this shark display. I only have about 10 others that totally stink, because of one kid or another.

Watch out for the native wildlife;
Pumba will get you!

I'm missing a few pictures somewhere. Steven had a birthday and attended Winter Formal. I know there are pictures somewhere around here. I suppose this is way you should not wait until 8 months later to want to post them. They'll turn up. Steven will be so happy when they do!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

When December Came Around

I found the perfect box and tried to ship the littlest one back to Aunt Pam. The USPS has some really strict rules and wouldn't take him. This reminds me I need to write my congressman.

Steven was starting to do a lot of this....he does it a lot still. Living with two wrestlers can be very annoying. Wanna wrestle?? No, go away. Practice your half nelson on someone your own size!

The holiday spirit was getting into full swing.

Seth's hair was getting really long.
And, please, do not judge the holey socks.
I have four kids, be impressed they have clean socks, with or without holes.

Garrett was a very diligent ginger bread house builder.

More of the local culture.
This must have been "Talk Your Bull for a Walk Day".
Wait, that is any day around here.

There was even more gingerbread house building.

Some were ginger breaded out.

And still others thought there were better uses for their time.

Thomas was hoping the holidays would just go away.

Finally, Santa came to visit and the masses were happy. =)