Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!



Morgan said...

Umm, you're missing a child. It's good to see you all though. xox

Our Family of Four said...

Ha I was thinking the same thing Morgan! And what's up with no blogging for 7 month to giving us just a 19 sec video? Is Oki that boring?

Jess said...

Hey! I was trying to make sure my dad could see the video at his birthday party. But, I know, it's terrible, the awful neglect. As far as the missing kid, it seems that lately it is near impossible to get all 5 of us in one spot at one time! All week long I was trying to get this video made, the stars just would not align. I'll make Seth do a video to post! Oki is not boring, I just have trouble sitting down to get anything posted. Plus the last time I tried, blogger would not load the photos, and I was unenamored. However.....point taken, I will get on it!