Tuesday, September 28, 2010

March Madness, Well Our Kind

The birthdays continued, Garrett L-O-V-E-D the cupcakes I took in to share with his class. They were pretty awesome.

More cake later in the day with friends, then we kicked them out, literally, so we could get to soccer practice on time.

Someone was pretty excited to finally get the Batcave.

A couple days later, we went on a field trip with the preschool. To the Okinawa Zoo.

This is like a "Where's Garrett". Can you find him?
Better click to get a better look. Good luck.

The starving carp. We were lucky enough to get some of the last boxes of food for them. Too bad my kid thinks dumping it in all at once is more fun than throwing it a little at a time. Then asking for more. Did I mention we got the last boxes?

I now refer to this field trip as the unhappiest field trip ever. Just before the group picture, some tears were starting. The kids were hot and getting hungry. Right after the picture it was a slippery slope. The tears were flowing, the caregivers were running to get the lunches, the parents were trying to stay upbeat. It was a mess. After lunch and sitting in the shade of a pavilion for awhile, they all returned to their happy little selves.

We found Seth under all the hair. Look he has eyes!
More birthday fun. We eat a lot of cake in the first 3 months of the year.

I think the tow truck needs a tow truck.

Seth got to experience his second Ryukyu Festival at school.

These performers......

were KIDS!


Seth's class with the sumo wrestlers.

Soccer games finally got underway. After the first one, Garrett was done. He thought that was what we had been working up to. He saw no point in continuing beyond this point. The rest of the season was a lot of fun. Can you feel my sarcasm?

Seth realized we had a lot of soccer left, and that the soccer field is pretty big.


Our Family of Four said...

Gee little did I know the POWER I had upon making a request for more updates!

1. LOVE the hair
2. Sumo is gross. Were they NOT wearing anything under those little banana hammocks? EW
3. The cake for Vaughn looked AMAZING! What was that?
4. So cool Jerry was in Korea to see Steven.
5. Seth is a. much cuter with the shorter hair and b. smart as a whip!
6. Where did the burst of energy come from to post all these everyday!

Jess said...

1. Thanks!
2. I was not present at the festival, but I hope to go this year. I don't think they have anything on under, so I am really thankful for no wardrobe malfunctions.
3. Smitten Kitchen! It was SOOOOO good.
4. Totally cool. It was super hard to be here on Okinawa and have to wait for updates.
5. I agree! I like his hair longer too, but not too long. Just surfer boy-ish.
6. I decided being a blog slug is no way to live life. :) Plus I love looking at everyone else's blog and seeing current pictures. So, if I slack off, I must be letting all of you down, and I'm not that kind of friend.