Friday, April 18, 2008

Fun with Chuck E. Cheese

So, Garrett had been to Chuck E. Cheese exactly once in his life, but asks to go just about every time we get in the car. They are definitely doing something right at that place. Since the boys were off this week, I thought it would be a good way to eat up a little time.

Garrett playing the bee game, he was actually pretty good. Seems to be a favorite for him.

Vaughn racing as Spongebob. By the look on his face, it is pretty exciting.

Garrett on the 'Kiddie Coaster'. Funny enough it is the "Gemini", which is a ride anyone who grew up near Cedar Point (like myself) knows!

Seth, well, being Seth.

Let's go to the jobsite, Bob.

Halfway through the fun, they stopped for some fuel.

I see a theme in the places where I find Vaughn.....

Steven and Garrett playing the firefighter game.

Someone else likes the bee game too.

As you can see, Garrett was pretty excited to go stand by Chuck E.
It was a lot of fun. The boys got some prizes and cotton candy before we left, and they were happy. That's the reason to go, so mission accomplished. Although it isn't quite the same without Daddy. We love you and miss you Daddy.

The "Environment Savers" at work

Seth, Garrett, and the neighbor boys, Zach and Max, had a goal. They needed money. They made a plan. They went to the other neighbors and asked if they could water their plants for $1. The called themselves "The Environment Savers". How cute is that? And they did make some money.
Hard at work.

Time for a refill.

Another look at Vaughn's new hairstyle.
And Steven's.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Each His Own

I took Steven and Garrett for haircuts yesterday, but forgot my camera.

This is Steven's new do. I think he may need a little more instruction on the use of the mousse. He looks more grown up, more teenager-ish.

Garrett got a new short do too. He was so well behaved for his haircut. He sat still the entire time. He was making really funny faces at himself most of the time. I was so proud of how patient he was.

Today, we went back to see Vaughn's stylist, Vanessa. He gets attached to the girls that cut his hair. Then he only wants them to do it and no one else. I made sure to grab the camera today, this is a transformation.

This is Vaughn's before.

Vaughn during.

Almost done......

The new Boo!
Although I was willing to let him get a mohawk, I was not sure how much I would like it. I like it just fine though. I think he looks really cute. Ah, my baby is growing up.
Now Seth wants one too........
maybe in a couple of weeks.

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz

Not as bad as the title makes it sound. But, I bet I got your attention!!

Seth looks like a Jib Jab character in this picture. Rather ironic, since we often think he lives in his own little world.
Anyway, Seth bought this 'egg' that you put into water and it 'hatches' a dinosaur. It was rather interesting. It rolled around and around and made a fizzy sound.

Viola! Your own little totally worth $4.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby, It's Hot Outside

The weekend proved to be downright beautiful. This was also the beginning of the boys' spring break. Both days were about 90 degrees, perfect for the water toys they have wanted to get out for the past month. We had two slip and slides, a pool, and lots of water sprayers/squirters. Kind of like our own water park. Just without the $10 hamburgers.
This slip and slide is Tim's and has this cool little bucket that dumps water on the kids as they pass through it.

The dogs LOVED being out with the kids and playing in the water too. Scarlett (aka "bad dog") really liked this slide, here she seems to be making sure none of the kids gets on "her" slide.

Vaughn, Tim, and Austen absolutely soaking wet and loving it.

Sometimes you find yourself in the line of to move on before the camera gets wet.

After the water was off and the other kids were gone, Garrett actually tried to slide. Funny little boy.

Tim showed up, looking like a tourist.

Who says you can't snorkel in a small backyard pool?

No one was laughing at Tim when they realized they could shoot him all they wanted in the face, he didn't care-he had a snorkel. No more weak spot!

Garrett executed a perfect sneak attack on Scotty. Lynn and I got a kick out of that.

Scotty was ready for Garrett after that. Please note "bad dog" in the background on "her" slide.

Sometimes you came down the slide and got a face-full of DOG.

I'm sure Garrett was keeping an eye on someone who was armed and possibly going to shoot him. Much as he liked shooting everyone else, no one was ever supposed to shoot him.
Very 3 year old logic.Overall, a great weekend. We have to give the backyard a few days to drain, but hopefully the fun can continue later in the week.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sometimes they just share nicely, it warms my heart. I swear Garrett gave Seth a chip each time he asked! Usually the smallest one he could find of course.

Who doesn't love cream cheese with salsa? Such concentration it takes when you are little though. Especially when you have to hold onto the chip bag so your older brother can't snag it.

Salsa in your eye? Or you need sunglasses? Could go either way.

My Seffer Doo.

Easter Morning

Whose basket is this?!?! Garrett just kind of took what he wanted from each one.
Peeps, sweet! (literally and figuratively, of course)
Sorry honey, proof the tv STILL sits in the box.

Seth was smart, he stayed away from everyone else with his basket.

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go.....

MOM, the boys are taking all the eggs! As you can see from his basket, he was doing just fine.

Garrett totally figured out how to hunt for the eggs that pesky bunny hid all over the yard. He kind of missed the obvious one here though.

Hey, Hef, how's the egg hunting going? Maybe Steven is getting to old for this.....what do you think? Of course, he looks SO happy. If it weren't for the candy, I don't think he would even get out of bed.

Well, at least someone was having fun.

Just take the picture so we can get the candy. You've got to love a holiday where candy gets eaten before 'breakfast' even crosses your mind.