Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Each His Own

I took Steven and Garrett for haircuts yesterday, but forgot my camera.

This is Steven's new do. I think he may need a little more instruction on the use of the mousse. He looks more grown up, more teenager-ish.

Garrett got a new short do too. He was so well behaved for his haircut. He sat still the entire time. He was making really funny faces at himself most of the time. I was so proud of how patient he was.

Today, we went back to see Vaughn's stylist, Vanessa. He gets attached to the girls that cut his hair. Then he only wants them to do it and no one else. I made sure to grab the camera today, this is a transformation.

This is Vaughn's before.

Vaughn during.

Almost done......

The new Boo!
Although I was willing to let him get a mohawk, I was not sure how much I would like it. I like it just fine though. I think he looks really cute. Ah, my baby is growing up.
Now Seth wants one too........
maybe in a couple of weeks.


KhrisW said...

Vaughn's hair is rockin'! I love it! All of them look awesome!

Morgan said...

awe, he's so damn cute! I like Steve-os hair, too. It does make him appear olderish.

Garrett's just too damn cute for his own good. If he ever does get wiggly in the barber's chair, a good trick is to give them a really thick milkshake. They keep their heads down and stay still while drinking it.

Our Family of Four said...

Good for you for letting Vaughn have fun with his hair. I, however, am not that liberal. Let's hope Max doesn't ask for a crazy doo! Probably would be Maggie anyway...