Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Three Hour Tour........

Garrett and I went for a boat ride with Scotty and Lynn. We had a great time just cruising around the harbor. We have the best neighbors. We love them.

Garrett drove, oh scary.....

We saw seals,

and a different view of the Oceanside sign.
The day kind of went Gilligan's Island on us. I think they prefer not to relive the horror of the moment, but I can. Let's just say it involved a broken strap, a boat out of water (off the trailer), and a lot of stares. Oh, and one helpful Staff Sergeant. Really, now we look back and just laugh. Lynn, I apologize again about the mascara, it really was so inconsequential in the moment. But, I know I will never live it down. Hey, at least I don't have a picture to post, count your blessings. I have just one thing to say, waterproof mascara. As you promised, it is a day we will NEVER forget!

Okay, so I do have like one picture, but you can't see the mascara. Thankfully, or I would be in trouble.

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Morgan said...

hahahahahahahahaaaaaa! Oh that is still such a great story!

I wish you had the raccoon picture of Yee, though.