Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby, It's Hot Outside

The weekend proved to be downright beautiful. This was also the beginning of the boys' spring break. Both days were about 90 degrees, perfect for the water toys they have wanted to get out for the past month. We had two slip and slides, a pool, and lots of water sprayers/squirters. Kind of like our own water park. Just without the $10 hamburgers.
This slip and slide is Tim's and has this cool little bucket that dumps water on the kids as they pass through it.

The dogs LOVED being out with the kids and playing in the water too. Scarlett (aka "bad dog") really liked this slide, here she seems to be making sure none of the kids gets on "her" slide.

Vaughn, Tim, and Austen absolutely soaking wet and loving it.

Sometimes you find yourself in the line of to move on before the camera gets wet.

After the water was off and the other kids were gone, Garrett actually tried to slide. Funny little boy.

Tim showed up, looking like a tourist.

Who says you can't snorkel in a small backyard pool?

No one was laughing at Tim when they realized they could shoot him all they wanted in the face, he didn't care-he had a snorkel. No more weak spot!

Garrett executed a perfect sneak attack on Scotty. Lynn and I got a kick out of that.

Scotty was ready for Garrett after that. Please note "bad dog" in the background on "her" slide.

Sometimes you came down the slide and got a face-full of DOG.

I'm sure Garrett was keeping an eye on someone who was armed and possibly going to shoot him. Much as he liked shooting everyone else, no one was ever supposed to shoot him.
Very 3 year old logic.Overall, a great weekend. We have to give the backyard a few days to drain, but hopefully the fun can continue later in the week.


Lizzie Fish said...

that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!

Morgan said...

Scarlet is not bad. She's just misunderstood. On the other hand, Batty is BAAAAAAAAAAD.

Thanks for entertaining the kid while I slept doped up on the couch. I guess I should call the doc and see if this pain is normal or if I've royally dorked myself up.