Friday, April 18, 2008

The "Environment Savers" at work

Seth, Garrett, and the neighbor boys, Zach and Max, had a goal. They needed money. They made a plan. They went to the other neighbors and asked if they could water their plants for $1. The called themselves "The Environment Savers". How cute is that? And they did make some money.
Hard at work.

Time for a refill.

Another look at Vaughn's new hairstyle.
And Steven's.


Lizzie Fish said...

and where were these environment savers when my plants were screaming for some water???

what cute little entrepreneurs.=)

Morgan said...

How bad is it that those pictures of them are when they are watering MY plants and I told them, "No thanks." cus I didn't have any cash.

Sheesh, I totally suck.