Saturday, April 12, 2008

Easter Morning

Whose basket is this?!?! Garrett just kind of took what he wanted from each one.
Peeps, sweet! (literally and figuratively, of course)
Sorry honey, proof the tv STILL sits in the box.

Seth was smart, he stayed away from everyone else with his basket.

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go.....

MOM, the boys are taking all the eggs! As you can see from his basket, he was doing just fine.

Garrett totally figured out how to hunt for the eggs that pesky bunny hid all over the yard. He kind of missed the obvious one here though.

Hey, Hef, how's the egg hunting going? Maybe Steven is getting to old for this.....what do you think? Of course, he looks SO happy. If it weren't for the candy, I don't think he would even get out of bed.

Well, at least someone was having fun.

Just take the picture so we can get the candy. You've got to love a holiday where candy gets eaten before 'breakfast' even crosses your mind.


Lizzie Fish said...

this post makes me miss my house! morgan told me it's still empty...i might just move back in. i do still have the mail key AND garage door opener...

Jess said...

See you soon!!! Well, we wish.

KhrisW said...

The plastic eggs were smart. Ever lost a real one in the house? It's gross, of course.

Morgan said...

Heff was huntin bunny wabbits.