Saturday, September 25, 2010

When December Came Around

I found the perfect box and tried to ship the littlest one back to Aunt Pam. The USPS has some really strict rules and wouldn't take him. This reminds me I need to write my congressman.

Steven was starting to do a lot of this....he does it a lot still. Living with two wrestlers can be very annoying. Wanna wrestle?? No, go away. Practice your half nelson on someone your own size!

The holiday spirit was getting into full swing.

Seth's hair was getting really long.
And, please, do not judge the holey socks.
I have four kids, be impressed they have clean socks, with or without holes.

Garrett was a very diligent ginger bread house builder.

More of the local culture.
This must have been "Talk Your Bull for a Walk Day".
Wait, that is any day around here.

There was even more gingerbread house building.

Some were ginger breaded out.

And still others thought there were better uses for their time.

Thomas was hoping the holidays would just go away.

Finally, Santa came to visit and the masses were happy. =)


Our Family of Four said...

Aw did you do all this JUST FOR ME Jess??? THANKS! Btw I love the ball pic of you and Jer. You look beautiful! And I wish we could visit you in Oki I think the kids would love the parks, beach, bull walking and parades. When does Jerry get home?

Jess said...

Of course it is all for you. Peer pressure is a bitch. =)
I am still going to get a month by month update up. Then try, try, try to keep up with it better!
Jer will be home in December in time for the holidays! I was trying to go to Hong Kong to spend time with him while they are in port, but it was more money than I wanted to spend, especially given the time of year and the money we just spent going back to the states. Maybe next time! More updates to come. ;)