Sunday, March 9, 2008


We found the rhino-the next day at the Wild Animal Park!! We did see real ones later on the Journey into Africa tour.The lions were out in Lion Camp, they have seven cubs total, too cute. What a happy family.

Daddy Lion came right up to the glass, I think he was making sure we knew he was the "king of the jungle".

We got to see the baby giraffe, born just the day before. Already 5 foot tall!

Feeding the Lorikeets is always a big hit.

This was Garrett's favorite 'exhibit' of the day. I think he would have stood there all day watching them work.

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Lizzie Fish said...

i miss the wap =(

we do have the swamp out here...which uses some of the same letters. it's just that pesky m and the s. i can't write it the other way because i don't mean THAT and this is a family-oriented sight, after all. we're trying to keep it clean.