Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wet Walters

We really were wet, it was a rainy day....
so the boys and I went to the Birch Aquarium with the Museum Month pass. If only I had found out about that earlier. Who doesn't love 1/2 price admission? We liked the aquarium. There were several hands on activities, the tide pool was the favorite. My favorite display was the Sea Dragons (in the picture above), what a cool sea creature.

This shark tried to eat the kids, but, against my better judgment, I saved them. I thought Jerry might be irritated if I didn't. I love you honey!

This was so funny. You are supposed to be the anchorman reading the teleprompter for a newscast. Vaughn actually read some of it, but well he looks unimpressed. Seth thought he was supposed to mug for the camera, and Steven, I think he was just plain lost and confused. That's my boys, I am SO proud!

I was off trying to find where the mommies are supposed to hide from the kids.

Garrett has developed that disdain for pictures where he just points his butt at the camera and becomes deaf to a parental voice. And, as you can tell, he really doesn't care to listen to the boys either. Thanks for trying Steven.


Our Family of Four said...

You see this is because you didn't stop having boys and buy yourself a GIRL who apparently likes to show her nuked bum which is way more picture worthy!

Lizzie Fish said...

oh, i miss the aquarium too. well...the one here is pretty big but it's on the banks of the yahoo-colored mississippi and not in glorious beautiful la jolla.


i need to be back in california i think. the swamp is no good. it does make for funny comments, though. =)