Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Go Fly a Kite, Kid

Seth was game for trying to fly a kite, but he solved that pesky running thing that usually goes with kite flying. He wore his rollerblades. Seth is on the very right in the first picture with various neighbor kids following behind.

In this picture, Seth is in the middle, with Garrett following behind riding his trike (which he FINALLY pedals). Seth must have gone up and down the road a hundred times that day.


Lizzie Fish said...

(the kite thing is cute)

BUT there is our HOUSE!!! I miss it!!!

Does anyone else live there yet? Probably...those houses don't stay empty for long.

*sniff* my dear 514

Jess said...

No, no one has moved in, people have peeked in the windows though! Sad that it sits empty. Anyone would LOVE to live in these houses!