Thursday, May 22, 2008

At the beach

Very, very carefully......

If one way isn't working, try another. I love toddler ingenuity at work. Maybe we have a future Marine in our midst.

I wasn't too sure about this one,

but once he got his foot up,

there was no stopping him. He was so proud.

Woo hooooooo

Round and round Garrett goes....

Mommy was less then thrilled when he insisted on climbing this part, but they all grow up someday.

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KhrisW said...

That must be new because I don't remember that one and it's super cool! Awesome place to take the kiddos. I miss the beach. But-you can't swim in it.

You lay out and get sweaty, then you get sand on your sweaty skin and then, hey! I'll jump in the water! Um. Now, I can't jump in the water because it's frigid cold! Ugh. Makes no sense but it keeps the air nice and cool-lovely California. Jack and Noah talk about it a lot-still.