Sunday, May 18, 2008

Argghh Mateys, it's a Pirate Feast

Seth got a library book that was a Pirate Cookbook. It was really cute; unfortunately I don't recall the name. I know, if I would just get these posts up in a timely manner.....

He was really excited to make some of the recipes; we made:
Cutthroat Kabobs
Pirate Potato Boats
Pirate Punch

It was a lot of fun. The kids liked putting the kabobs together. And the potato boats had tuna in them, they were great.

Oh, I really need to do something with that sad little plant in the background. I am so bad with houseplants.

Garrett really liked the salami.

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KhrisW said...

I don't make fruit kabobs. That's clever and I admire you for managing to get your kids to eat fruit. You know how picky my Peanuts are. OMG.

The set up looks fantastic. That's very creative, Jess!