Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Invention Convention

The 5th grade class had their invention convention. Vaughn made a new card game, Carbunkle. He did a great job. He received an A+ on his project. The kids had some really great ideas. I was very impressed.

This is Vaughn's friend Cody. He invented the Pen-in-cil.

Rebecca and her school supply holder that attaches to your desk. No more excuses about lost pencils.

Jonah and his "All in One Cat Tube".

Garrett was SO ready to go by the time we were leaving.


Lizzie Fish said...

the last photo.


KhrisW said...

He definitely had the best board as well as the best invention-a card game! Awesome job!!!!

Those things do get boring after about an hour. I don't blame him for making a face, I would have too. But it would have been a little more discreet-LOL. One the adults get. You're very creative, great work and he totally deserved that A and then a +++++++!

KhrisW said...

Hugo would definitely do the prairie dog for you, Jess. He's still infatuated with you and I've tried so hard to make him forget.... LOL. Oh, I have a new blogger photo, it's the goth chick!

KhrisW said...

We wanted to let you know that we loved 'Kung Fu Panda'-awesome movie!!! If you haven't seen it already....