Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Up, Up, and Away

The first shipment is G.O.N.E. It was way more than we had expected to be able to fit. One thousand pounds of HHG, no furniture, is actually a lot. While we waited for the packers to get here we weighed everything we had set aside, only 700 pounds. So, we added, and added until we got to 970. We wanted as much to go express as possible. What is in that shipment is all we will have for up to 3 months while we wait for the second shipment. Three months is a long time. A good majority of the kitchen is gone. Lots of clothes. Plenty of toys, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, a computer, even one of Garrett's train tables went in the express. I think we actually did really well and we are happy with what we will have when we are first there. It was a very daunting task, I am glad step one is done. I owe a huge thank you to Jerry. He was more than on top of it. I had this amazing ability to wander off task repeatedly. He kept me on the straight and narrow. Thanks honey, I love you.

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Our Family of Four said...

That's great! I hope it comes quickly. We just got our HHG TODAY! So nice and for Colombia not too bad - about 7 weeks - they told us 3-4 months so you might get lucky too!