Friday, September 26, 2008


I know you have all been on pins and needles waiting for pictures...right? Actually, since Jer's parents and my dad and sister are arriving within the next week, I figured I better get these on here before they get in.
This is my sister, Pam, with Garrett.

Pamela and me, can you tell we are related? It's okay, me neither.

Seth got to have the first of what will be 2 birthday celebrations. This was very impromptu since we did not know Aunt Pam was coming, but she wanted to give Seth his birthday present while she was with him.

Garrett outside our gate, or in a cage, you decide. Depending on how well you know him will determine where you may think I could have put him. Don't fall for the angelic smile.

Seth can NEVER sit still.

A little play-doh fun with Aunt Pam.

And a game of chess for Vaughn and Aunt Pam.

I look fabulous, but, hey Amber what are you looking at? So, as I'm sure you gathered, that is Amber, she also happens to be Pam's daughter.

That is Bryan behind Pam and Amber. Funny thing about this picture is that they did not know he was behind them.

Ah, mommy and daughter.

Okay, that's all the pictures for now. We did get our HHG shipment off Tuesday. It was not too painful, just long. We are really hoping to find out our ticket dates soon. It would be nice to know. We had another critter encounter this week. The concensus is that it is a Great Basin Gopher snake. Nasty little thing. Quite aggressive. I will not lean over the bucket to take a picture, he is too nasty. But here's a picture from the web.


Our Family of Four said...

You mean your sister JAPAN. And you and Japan may not look alike but Garrett seems to be related! And how old is Seth? He is sooo big!

Jess said...

Seth turns 8 on Tuesday. He is tall, all legs. If he follows the "hollow leg" boy rule, we're screwed. What am I talking about, we're screwed anyway!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome! So glad you have family with you and I see the resemblance in the happy smiles and the eyes.

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