Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Synonym for Procrastination

Answer: Jessica. We have packers coming next week. As in, we have less than seven days to decide what are the things we need to live a fairly normal life, in a foreign country, for up to three months, while we wait for the other 25% of our things we decided we needed, to arrive. Does that make any sense? For some reason I find the entire process just too much to even start. Well, we did set aside a microwave, PS3, and Wii. We know we are sending a tv too, but it needs to get reboxed. That is as far as we have gotten. I am sure you can guess who gathered those items. The we should read Jerry since Jessica had no part in that process. I was home though, I will stick with we. Maybe if I could get past "do I need to send a colander" and "what if I want to make muffins" I could be constructive instead of spinning my wheels. Michelle, is any of this familiar? Or were you just too organized/busy/proactive/something to have suffered this inability?
This is not me, well, not normal me. When I had to move from Del Mar, even without Jerry, it took me two days to have everything unpacked and put away. Our stuff was in the new house Friday afternoon, by Monday I had only about 4 boxes in the house. That is me.

I know, would I like some cheese to go with my whine? Yes. Yes, I would. Thank you for asking. I'll leave my pity party now and go wash some sheets to put into the express shipment.


Our Family of Four said...

Um yeah, totally with you, and it sucked! But here is where I simplified the process. I love to cook and am not a big fan of restaurants where I cannot read the menu so for me it was a no brainer I simply said "pack the kitchen" minus a few pots and pans I left behind to use before we left. The other big issue for me was kid entertainment, which you have partly under control with a wii and ps2 but with two 3 year olds my other command was "pack the toys". From there I pulled a few "no duh" items: computer, iron and ironing board, tv, scrapbooking stuff... you get the idea. I think I spent all of 10 minutes on it and really, I think it came out great. The things I should have packed were a. some of my clothes b. extension cords or atleast the power strip for the computer and c. more books. I must add we have a "loaner kit" from the embassy with household stuff. So sheets were not necessary but we only got 1 towel per person so I'm glad I put 2 for the kids in our luggage. Also kitchen plates etc were limited. I mailed myself a bunch of stuff too like extra plastic kid plates which have come in handy. In case you are wondering... we still don't have all our stuff.

Okay that's my book. Call or e-mail if you have questions. The express was easy for me it was the divide the rest of the house that was a bit tougher. Oh my cell is now my home phone so it's not an international call.

Jess said...

Thanks for making feel like I am not crazy. It really is a lot to figure out. I keep reminding myself, I am not blazing a trail here; many families have done this before us. We will survive just like they did. I just want it to go perfectly, which cannot happen, and I WILL let that go, hopefully soon! Or I will just update everyone from my room at the looney bin.

KhrisW said...

Overwhelming would be the key word but you'll do just fine, I'm sure : )

Morgan said...

The guestroom is yours shall you need to run away. Not that going across the street is running away, but you get the idea. Mi Casa Es Su Casa. OK?

lisa said...

Good luck with the move Jess. I hope that it goes smoothly. Your boys are getting so big! I hope we can see each other again soon. Let me know if you want to escape and come visit me. I like company :)