Friday, September 19, 2008

JAPAN has arrived!

Liz and Michelle, you will love this.
We have spent the past few months telling Garrett that he is moving to Okinawa Japan, and since just Tuesday they packed some stuff and took it he has been very Japan obsessed. Especially after Conner told him he had gone to Japan before and it took five minutes.
So, Pam (the aforementioned sister) gets here, and Garrett calls her JAPAN! Aunt Pam=Japan. To a three year old they probably do sound the same. And he really has no clue that Japan is a place, not a person. It is so funny. "where did Japan go" "Japan, come here, I want to show you" "Japan, you gonna sleep at my house?"


Lizzie Fish said...


if you can will you please sneak a photo of the tiny carly? thx =)

Jess said...

i did take one picture of tiny carly, but it was really bad. i will get a hold of holly (they moved this week, back to del mar) and see if i can come take a picture of the baby.

Our Family of Four said...

Won't he be surprised when he GOES to Japan! Kids are so darn funny.

BTW - we got our HHG yesterday and I was surprised by some of the stuff I packed. Funny what you realize you DON'T need after not having it for so long! Hope your pack goes well!

Jess said...

Congrats on your HHG delivery. I am feeling like most of what we actually need went already. I think this may be weird. I think we have WAY too much stuff!
Garrett is such a crack up. He has so much personality, I am in for real trouble with that one. It would be so fun if we could have Max, Maggie, and Garrett play together today.