Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Synopsis

Here are some pictures to get you caught up after all my neglect. They are mostly chronological.

Vaughn won 3rd place in the Oceanside Unified Spelling Bee.
A car show we just happened upon.....yes, I'll take one.

Although Steven appreciated the high end cars along with myself, Vaughn and Garrett preferred the military displays.

Steven was in the Jefferson Middle School Brain Bowl. Doesn't the teacher look evil? Steven is the one at the far left. I know, not the best picture ever.

The annual Santa Margarita Dance Festival.
Seth was way into his dance, good job Seth.

Vaughn, not so much.

Seth finished his Awana Sparks class.

While Vaughn was "moving on" from 5th grade.

Tim reached double digits.....woo hooo!!

And he had a jumpy....always well received. What a bunch of hooligans.

Garrett brought me a "soda". If you know me very well, you know I do NOT drink beer. What Garrett wanted was for me to have a "soda" so he could snitch some from me. Try again little man....

The boys went to an honest to goodness YMCA summer camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, courtesy of Operation Purple.

Vaughn and Steven, don't they look thrilled??

Seth and Tim, at least they really were excited to be at camp.

Buzz came by for a visit.

Daddy was promoted and then took command the next day. We are very proud of him. We know the Marine Corps is lucky to have him, maybe they do too.
The Captain and his company, well the 2 platoons you can see, there are 2 more to the left.

There was A LOT of Guitar Hero played.

Another car show discovered.....gotta love SoCal.

Jerry's dream car, we agreed he could get one as a Captain, oh sh*t, now I'm screwed. My how time flies.

The boys had to get cleaned up to go to a wedding...

because Daddy was in the sword detail.

We found a lizard....well, Lynn found it in her house, she was more than happy to let Garrett take it away.

The boys attended another summer camp, but just a day camp this time. This was at the end of camp party for the families at Lake O'Neill.

Garrett and Kaybra became best friends. They are so cute. Unfortunately, Kaybra had to move just last week. Welcome to life in a Marine Corps family.
Goodbye to our friends, we will miss them.

So long summer......what a whirlwind.


Morgan said...

awe, you finally got the picture of them walking away holding hands. It was much cuter in her little dress, though. LOL Great photos, Jess.

Our Family of Four said...

Oh my I don't even know where to start!

1. Congrats Jerry!
2. Kaybra can walk? Isn't she like 3 months old?
3. Yeah Vaughn. I knew he was a water connesiour but I had no idea he could spell ;o)
4. Memories, memories... I was in Awana as a kid. I almost forgot about being a "Chum for Christ". Do they still sing that song?

I can't remember anymore... my brain is on overload with all that info. What a busy, busy summer!

KhrisW said...

Wow! What a time! Times... Oh, deep sigh.... I've missed you and your family so much! I loved hanging out with you and Morgan-waiting for the kids to come home.... Those will probably go down as my favorite neighbor memories of all time. LOL.

Loved the car too, nice. The camp sounds like it was cool, glad they did that. You always knew what was going on!

So, we're simply going to have to move to Japan now. Please tell your boys we miss them!

I'll never forget trying to find that Nerf thing in the brush. Can't believe some of the stuff those kids would pull (not yours), what characters! : ) They were constant sources of amusement.