Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take Me Out to the Playground

Garrett wanted to go to the playground on his day off from school. It was actually sunny so off we went. Parking is an issue here, so I had to keep driving around trying to find somewhere to park. Every time we passed the park, Garrett would yell "There it is Mommy". Every time.

The Japanese are very efficient people. Even the playground equipment is efficient.
Concentrate, concentrate.

The see saw, teeter totter, whatever you like to call it, was fun. I love this picture, it is just so Garrett.

Buried treasure, part of a tangerine! Funny, someone's mom thought they ate their snack, little did she know it was at the bottom of the big hole they were digging!

Silly little boy. I love this picture too.


Lizzie Fish said...

totally adorable. i love that 'efficient' playground. =)

Morgan said...

He's so darn sweet. I love that last photo.

Our Family of Four said...

The teeter totter/see saw photo IS so Garrett. That's the face I remember from the first day I met the little man.