Friday, January 16, 2009

Herding Cats

Garrett had his first preschool field trip. They have been learning about the ocean and its creatures in class so we went to the aquarium. Wow, what an interesting experience with thirteen 3-5 year olds.
This is the whale shark. This tank was huge. You can kind of tell by the size of the people at the bottom of the picture. There were also rays in here that were unbelievably big.

The sharks,

thankfully not this big in the tank,

Holy lobster, Batman!

Garrett with his "buddy" for the day, David.

Mommy: Hey Garrett, what is this?
Garrett: An oxsanapuss!

Another cool botanical creation.

There is soooo much we didn't get to see and do. The aquarium is located in what is called the Ocean Expo Park, there are a lot of things to do. Garrett was dying to go to the huge play area, unfortunately it has to wait for next time. But we will definitely be back!


Lizzie Fish said...

that looks like SO MUCH fun!!!

Morgan said...


How apropos is it that Garrett is going to little RHINOS??? He was so obsessed with them for a while. Looks like an awesome place!

KhrisW said...

Well, how cool! Thanks for sharing those pictures. I remember when we used to go to the Birch A. in California, so much fun! I'm jealous.... Wish you were here, as always-you and your kids.

You're such an awesome Mom! The world needs more Moms like you in this world.

Call me, can't believe I can't figure out the time dealio. Ughhh.