Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everyday Okinawa

Back in December I had taken some photos of just stuff around Okinawa to share with all of you, but they kind of got lost in the holiday shuffle.

I took this picture because there is someone in the sidecar on that scooter! See the helmet? It had Jer and I cracking up. Sometimes we are not good ambassadors.

This is one of the roads I travel down often. It is my chosen way to get to the Air Force base. It is not a big road. I really have to get pictures of the mirrored curve on this road that is only wide enough for one car at a time.

Jerry took this photo. This tree in on Kadena AFB. We just think it is really cool.

Around Christmas we were out shopping at Makeman (read Home Depot) and these orchids amazed me. They were so gorgeous. Some of them were HUGE. When I think I have read enough about their care not to kill it, I may get one.


Our Family of Four said...

Those orchids are amazing!!! Can you send me one? ;o)

The sidecar cracked me up too. I should get some Bogota traffic pictures... it's INSANE! Just think no rules, at all, okay they do stop and the stop lights during the day, if there are other cars around.

Do you like it there?1

KhrisW said...

Oh, we love you. Thank you so much. Noah said thank you!

We miss you and your family, Jess!

I love you, woman.