Saturday, December 6, 2008


As your kids get older, they become so much more self sufficient, in good and bad ways. Garrett dresses himself pretty much all the time, even for bed. It is nice; I love it. Lately he has come up with his own unique style. Here is a little video to illustrate what I mean.


And, yes, this is everyday, for now. I love kids.


Lizzie Fish said...

that's adorable =)

Our Family of Four said...

You are such a great Mom... I'd be telling him to pick one. So sad for Maggie who likes to pick out green, blue and brown dresses (really it's cute) with pink tights only to be told she needs to change one of them.

Jess said...

It really isn't helping the laundry situation, but I am content to let him be himself. I will take Garrett, but not the older boys out, wearing whatever he has on. He gets that freedom a little longer.

Morgan said...

He's such a rockstar!