Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Growing up

My baby has started school. I am happy and sad all at the same time. Morgie, can you believe Garrett can go to school?? I know Morgan gets it. She still sees that little baby that moved in next door. I wasn't actually looking to put him in preschool right now, but this kind of happened into my lap, so I decided it must be a sign.

This is the day we visited the school. The teacher, Ms. Jana (she's the only big person), is really great. We arrived just in time for good mornings and calendar. Then story time.

Sorry for the blur, Ms. Jana is very busy. One thing that I really like, morning snack is fruit salad. Everybody brings a fruit to school each day, and that makes the fruit salad for snack. I love that idea. Isn't Garrett so sweet sitting waiting for his bowl? I'm not too sure about the little girl with her face in the bowl, but it makes me laugh.

So after spending time there, Garrett went for a trial day to see how he (and mommy) did.
As you will see from the picture I took when I went to pick him up, he seems pretty comfortable........

Nuff said.

Garrett will be going twice a week for now. I think it will be weird having him gone, but nice to have time to myself. Jerry is convinced I will be bored. Only time will tell.


Morgan said...

Crap, Jess! You can't spring this on me. I need time to process. I started crying before you even pointed out that I would understand. No, I cannot believe he is anywhere near a school other than to pick up a random brother. It's not right....

Wow... umm... I am sure you will enjoy your time.

I am still in shock... please hug him extra tight for me and kiss him and tell him how proud I am of him.

Then come save me cus I am going to go drink myself into a ignorance... hahahah j/k

jupiter family said...

Happy New Year!

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Lizzie Fish said...

Yay for (both of) you! He's going to do GREAT!

School was hard for me for about a week. But then I was all better when I saw what a great time Carly was having...you'll be okay! =)

Morgan said...

into a ignorance?

WOW! and to think I had not had anything to drink at that point. Umm... I am guessing I meant to use better grammar and syntax, just forgot.

lisa said...

he's going to love it! and you'll love your time too. enjoy and happy new year!