Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Cutest Pizza Ever

Hunting for Christmas gifts, I found this site Mahar Drygoods. They have some of the cutest things. This is one of my favorites, the pizza set. I do think it is kind of pricey, but G has a birthday not too far away.


Morgan said...

Why not just give him a real pizza?? j/k. It is cute. People and their creativity blow me away. What is it like when it dawns on you to make a pizza out of felt? It would be like a magical AHA moment for me. I'd feel like God himself had spoken to me.

Oh well. Some people get creativity some people get stupid vocabularies...

ok, the CAPTCHA says ARTIN - Like I should be out doing some ARTIN' I like verbifying nouns. It's fun stuff.

KhrisW said...

I can see your words! Yay! Ha, awesome new background, Jess.... Love it!

Thanks for voting, you rule.

What Morgan wrote is hilarious. She rocks as well.

Now, move out of Okinawa and into our neighbor's house.

Jess said...

Khris, I am on my way (I wish). I KNOW, the new background is much better. I went through a few before I was happy with it. Sorry for not paying better attention about the words :(
Morgie is such a goober isn't she? But, you have to love her!
And to Morgie, I got the package, thanks you rock chica!