Saturday, December 13, 2008

Exciting Times

There are several exciting things happening around here. Well, exciting for me, maybe not for you, but I am positive you are dying to know what is going on. I will indulge you.

First, we finally got a car for Jerry. Hugely exciting for me; I am no longer trapped at home on weekdays!! Okinawa is much more appealing when you can go places. There is a small downside, he got a Subaru Impreza WRX STI (if I don't include those six letters I get corrected and several nasty looks), which will at some point garner my I-think-I-am-a-racecar-driver husband a ticket. Oh, and it is white, just like my van. I KNOW you are loving that Yee.

Second, Christmas shopping is done. Whew. Now, if you would, please cross your fingers that my last few boxes get here before Christmas Day. Being that we are now at the mercy of the postal service, I feel a screwing in our future.

Third, and most importantly, I snagged a panini maker really cheap at the PX today. Mmmmmm. If any of you have some good panini recipes, throw them my way. I am so excited!

I know, I know, I told you it was exciting around here! And our Christmas tree turned out so pretty! I really love it this year. It is the first artificial tree we have had, but it is nice all the same. I will take some pictures soon. I need to have a cup of tea and relax for pete's sake. Go, do the same, after sending me panini ideas of course.


Lizzie Fish said...

freedom IS exciting! so are trees! so is all of it - happy times!

Our Family of Four said...

Oh I am soooo envious... we left in July, say it with me JULY, and still my car is not here! Poor babies missed a birthday party yesterday because it started to rain and I couldn't get a cab even after an hour!

On the happy side, post some photos of your tree! And if I come across a panini recipe I'll send it to ya.

Anonymous said...

"I feel a screwing in our future."

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa No comment.

Glad things are falling into place. What happened to Jerry's dream of that Nissan thing you can only get overseas?

Did you get a GRIDDLER? I want one of those so bad. Actually, Tom is buying me one when he gets home. He has been told where to get it and how much it should be. If he forgets, he might have to sleep outside.

I'm still laughing at that line from above.. hahahahahahaha

oh and now my CAPTCHA is LICKI... hahahaha I always get funny ones on your page. Why is that?

Jess said...

Michelle, at least you could send a car! But, July, geez, that's a little excessive.

Morgan, I make sure you get the good ones!! Always looking out for ya.