Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recent Stuff

We have had a lot going on recently. Back to school was a very crazy couple of weeks. Every year it is hard to get back into the routine. I am not a morning person, neither is Garrett. He has settled pretty well into getting ready and out the door to get to school on time, I still struggle! He is, thankfully, still loving preschool. The only problem we have had is trying to get him to talk, not yell, while at school. His poor teacher! He is the youngest of 4 boys, he yells, that's how he gets heard. We are working on it, and she said he is getting much better. I'm more surprised she doesn't comment on his OCD tendencies. That kid is going to be doing everything in multiples of 5.

Speaking of Mr. OCD, here is asking me to out more butter on his toast. I declined his request.

Steven in in cross country. He is getting better each week. Last week he actually dropped 2 minutes off his time. Go Ste!

Not a bad view for their run at one of the other schools in Yomitan.

Finish strong!

We discovered this on the side of the road. No, there is no sign, no amusement park nearby, no apparent reason for it to be there. It. Is. Just. There. So very Okinawa. Although Garrett thought it was really cool, he was still kind of unsure about getting close to it, even with Daddy.
Steven in his JROTC uniform. He looks so grown up. But, what is with that cover, dude? Can you even see where you are going? We'll work on it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey My Walter Family!!! With the holidays quick approaching, I'm missing you all even more! Love You, Aunt Pam