Sunday, September 27, 2009


We finally ventured north to Camp Schwab. Camp Schwab is where Jerry was when Vaughn was born. He showed us the barracks he lived in, and most of the base remains the same as it was almost 13 years ago. The beach there, Oura Wan, is very pretty. Unfortunately the weather was not. We had cautions for entering the water due to a super typhoon off the coast. So there was not a lot of playing the water. Jer and the boys were body surfing since some of waves coming in were pretty good. Garrett was very cautious, I tried holding him in the water, but he wasn't even having that. We explored the rocks at the end of the beach, saw lots of crabs, found a cave, and of course, had an injury. Poor Boo slipped and cut his hand, then he was out for the rest of the time we were there. Once he feels wronged, he's done. We found the T-Rex statue, in the previous post, on our drive up to Schwab. We are planning to go stay at one of the cabins there soon. Seems very nice and relaxing, like a piece of heaven to me!

My husband and my boys. Love.

This is what G thought of the rough surf.

Rocks at the end of the beach where we spent some time exploring.

Seth with the world's smallest octopus. Oh, okay, it is just a plant of some sort.

The cave underneath the rocks.

Daddy and two butts, hehehe.

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