Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Year, Another First Day of School

Off to school the boys went one week ago. All bright and shiny and ready for a new school year. Yeah right, they were still groggy, but who isn't at 6:30 in the morning?

Seth was excited, but with all that hair he probably had idea where he was going.

My little freshman and 7th grader.

And Garrett. Hmmmm. He actually started the 31st of August too, but it took me until the 3rd to remember to take a picture. Poor little bugger. He is loving going and happy to stay. No tears or whining. Score one for Mommy. One little problem though, there was only one other child enrolled in the afternoon class. After one week of spending 2 of the 5 days without any other kids, he is switching to the morning class. Thank goodness kindergarten is starting and slots opened up in the morning.

Oh, and just so you don't think we are stranger than we really are, I took the picture on water play day, hence the swimsuit and water shoes. Although I am one to let the kids dress themselves, I would generally veto the choice of a swimsuit as school attire.


Morgan said...

They're all so damned grown up. *sigh* You've been in Oki almost a year now!

I miss you all tons.

Our Family of Four said...

There was only 1 other kid enrolled - how odd. Did they tell about that before school started? Glad he is happy! Oh and I love the "I usually let them chooose there clothes but..." comment. You are a much better mom than I.