Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter, yeah, I KNOW!

Remember, it is the thought that counts. I often THOUGHT, I needed to get some pictures posted. Time is my enemy!

The boys started the morning with an egg hunt. Since our backyard is the size of a postage stamp it did not take long.
Steven is now too cool for baskets or bags. Geez, teenagers.

We also created a treasure hunt for the boys. It think they had 17 clues total they had to find.
Here's one picture of them discussing where the next clue is hidden.

Garrett knew just where to go when the clue involved poop bags. Garrett's current goal in life, well, besides giving me gray hair, is to get big enough to walk the dog by himself.

Ah, the loot is found!

Later in the day there was a neighborhood egg hunt. It ran a little behind schedule, it was on "island time". So once the go was given they were off.

Man, that was fun!

Only Vaughn and Garrett took part in the second egg hunt. Seth had gone to the beach with a friend, and Steven was not interested.

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