Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Under the Sea

Welcome to the Churaumi Aquarium! These botanical creations are the first things you see when you get there. Actually, even before, they have smaller ones in a few spots along the road on the drive up. At least that way you know you are not totally lost!

Of course, we could not get past this play area without playing for awhile. Last time Garrett was here with the school he couldn't play, so there was no way he was passing it up again. As he was running away he was yelling "Oh, we are sooooo going here!"

This picture is to try to show you how soft these blue areas are. Walking on them is like walking on marshmallows. Very cool, and safe. :)

I've got nothing to say here.....

So, we walk in and see this.....
Weird exhibits they have here.

The touch pool, very busy area. We moved on pretty fast.

The whale shark tank. This is one of the coolest parts of the aquarium. I could sit here and just watch for a long time. There are three whale sharks in the tank. Huge rays and skates.

This ray was sitting on the top of the viewing room glass, he was getting a lot of laughs as people rounded the corner and walked underneath him.

We ate lunch in the Cafe Ocean Blue. It is situated next to the whale shark tank and looks into it. This was the view from our seats.

Just a short video from lunch. The view was really rough.

Let's hope the only time we are seeing these guys is from behind the aquarium glass and not while swimming this summer.

This is one of my favorite exhibits. The Garden Eels. They stick up out of the sand and eat passing plankton. They are just so funny. Some are spotted and some are striped. I feel like they should be in a Dr. Seuss book.

Waiting for the dolphin show to start. The boys, except Steven, are in the front row. They were hoping they would get wet. Steven didn't want his hair to get wet, hahahahaha.

Man, they can jump so high.

And, so gracefully.

We had a really fun day.
And, you know, when in Japan....
Now, come visit us so we can take you to the aquarium too!

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