Monday, April 6, 2009

Araha Beach Park

The kids are on spring break this week so we are going to do some exploring. We haven't really done a lot of that recently. Okinawa has a lot of great parks for kids. The harder part is finding them. Araha beach was way easy, with directions.

"Prease concerne" to click the picture so you can read the "condition". Arigato!

We parked by a shisa dog, all the better to guard the van. I mean, seriously, who doesn't want that sweet ride?

The fun zip line, well once it got working. Things tend to rust around here.

Very cool pirate ship to play on.

Climb little monkey, climb!

Silly Garrett. This is his favorite face to make about everything. It is so much better when paired with his growling. We are so proud.....

Run, jump, fly, well until your butt hits the sand at least.

Ah, they look almost sweet here, except the little one. It is always the little one you've got to watch out for.

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Morgan said...

#6 on the sign is awesomeness.