Sunday, November 23, 2008

The things we need?

These are a few pictures of our household goods shipment arriving. It is interesting the things we sent for the time we will be here. It was much easier here before all this stuff got here. Our house here is much smaller than we had in Cali, and it is an adjustment.

Un-crating all the boxes.

We gave Garrett this box of Hot Wheels and it kept him very busy. After not seeing these for almost 2 months, they were like new to him. BTW, that is our front door that is open in the picture. I will have to take a better picture of the front of the house some time. The previous resident left me a nice flower bed.

The crates still waiting to be opened.

Our own name on a crate!

We had the movers unpack the boxes since we (read Jerry there) knew there wouldn't be anywhere for the empty boxes.
So, here is the poor little munchkin trying to eat some mac and cheese amid the initial chaos. We had to clear that little spot for him to even sit down.

This is what the house looks like after the mass unpacking.
One side of the living room.

The other side of the living room.

Steven's room.

Vaughn's room. He was NOT happy when he got home from school and saw this.

I made a lot of progress over the weekend in getting some of the last things put away. We haven't hung any pictures yet. And, of course, all the curtains I brought are the wrong size. It never fails.