Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! We just got done eating Thanksgiving dinner, hence why I am on the computer; I am too full to move! For the first time ever I made dressing from scratch. I appreciate the dressing, this may be a sign I am growing up.


Morgan said...

I thought that dressing that was not Stove Top offended you? Homemade stuffing is wonderful. We're having steak and shrimp for dinner (tomorrow)

PS - I haven't sent your hooks. I'm a bad, bad friend. I have to go to the PO on Friday though. So, they WILL go out on Friday.

Love you guys!

Jess said...

I know, it is true. I think I was just served a lot of stuffing I did not like as a child so I developed an aversion. But, now I have grown up! The kids did not appreciate it too much. It was a sausage, apple, and cranberry stuffing, mmmmmmm. Steak and shrimp sounds good too, hope your day is happy. Love you too.

Lizzie Fish said...

sausage apple and cranberry dressing sounds amazing. AMAZING! please post your recipe =) christmas eve is all me, and dressing goes with everything. yum!

Our Family of Four said...

What do kids know? But I do have a yummy herb stuffing, veggie of course, that my kids like. Matter of fact I need to get on making that right about now.

Happy T-Day!