Friday, October 3, 2008

Did you wear your buffet pants?

For the kids' birthdays it is tradition that they choose dinner for that night. Seth wanted to go Hometown Buffet, and off we went.

Obviously, Yee never listens to me when I of these days she is going to miss something good.
Great picture of Tim.

I LOVE the next series of three pictures. Vaughn took these of Garrett. I think they are really funny.

Here's a picture of most of us. Seth was apparently getting full, he needed to lay down.

Jerry with his parents and Steven. They arrived Sunday. They are going to take one car to Michigan for us to store while we are gone. Thanks mom and dad.

The birthday boy himself. Did we forget to mention he seems to have morphed into a pirate anytime there is a camera or someone speaking to him?

Garrett and Jessa. He had to sit by his Jessa.

The Boo Boo (aka Vaughn).

We were all so full, we did not do birthday cake after we got home. Seth was more interested in playing his new nintendo ds anyway. I figured since my dad and my sister were arriving the next evening we could just wait and then they could do cake with us. Some things just work out well like that.

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KhrisW said...

I love that pirate picture of Seth! All of the other pictures are fun too but that one takes the cake. Bah dump bump.