Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tons of Fun at Round 1

We went to Round 1 this week, an indoor sports/amusement facility. It was great. Three floors of pure kid (and parent) fun. I am sure we will be back there several more times during our time here. There was so much to do. We didn't even come close to trying everything.

Here are few things we did try:

Mini golf, Garrett is right in the middle of the picture.

Tennis anyone?

How about a little mechanical bull riding?

Steven liked this one, note the smile.

HA! Could you pay an American teenager enough to have this job?

Mini bike racing-we didn't get to try this. The mini bikes are only brought out at specific times, since we don't understand the announcements, it is hard to catch it at the right time. Looks fun though. Maybe next time.

The view from the window. Pretty.

Video games, lots and lots of free play video games. Kudos to the boys for not staying in this section the entire time.

Garrett driving a Mack truck. Look how hard he is concentrating. So funny.

If you lived here, you'd get why this is so funny. Driving a bus on Oki is a feat in and of itself, I can only imagine in the largest city in the world!! I played this game several times. I apparently really suck at it. It kept taking off 5 or 10 points, and I am sure the kanjii that came up with it told me how not to suck. Too bad I couldn't read it!

Skating! Rollerblading, or good old-fashioned four-wheeled roller skating. This is why the mini bikes are only a set times, the rink is used mostly for skating.

Ah, yes, the massage chairs. Plenty of these around the facility for the parents to relax in while the kids run and play.

The biggest hit of the day. The ball pit with blasters. This was so much fun. Especially since we could all play together.

And I didn't get any pictures of the ping pong, archery, regular golf, and batting cages that we did try out!

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Anonymous said...

That massage chair rocks! Did you have a headache when you left? Any sicknesses lately? LOL. It's the germ factory!

Seriously, it looked like an absolute blast for the kids. I'm sure you had fun too. Mom Extraordinaire....