Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morakot, well the edges of it at least....

We had our first experience with typhoon preparation here. Although, we ended up with no typhoon. Morakot rolled by south of us hitting Taiwan. We got wind and rain but only from the edge of the storm. It was a good trial run, at least we could get all of our stuff* put away. It looks like we just moved in now, there is nothing outside that isn't rooted in the ground. I kind of like the clean look. It won't last. ;)

Today we went down to the beach to see what might have washed ashore. The wind was still pretty wicked on the beach itself. The sand was a little painful on the legs.

This picture of the boys makes me laugh. For one, Seth's hair. Vaughn's super cheesy grin. Steven actually has a half grin. And Garrett looks v-e-r-y worried! Poor baby, he's still unsure about the ocean with its waves and all.

We were thinking maybe some shells or more sea glass might have been thrown up on the beach, not the case at all. There was trash though. A whole lot of trash. Sad, terribly sad. And you know some Privates and PFC's are going to really happy to be part of this working party.

Last night we tried to get some pictures of the sky. It was crazy reds and purples as the sun was setting. Hard to capture with the camera, these pictures hardly do it justice.

*read 'shit'

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