Monday, January 21, 2008

A Little Together Time

What do you get when put a family of six into a two room beach cottage? Irritated parents, that's what you get. We went to stay in a beach cottage for a night before Jer leaves, and the holiday weekend seemed a logical choice. I make it sound like it wasn't enjoyable which is not true, it really was.......before it was dark and we were all inside for the night. It was a little downhill after that. Garrett and I went over by ourselves first and did some exploring before Jer and the boys got there. (WOW time, need I say more?) After everyone was there, we found lots of shells; we were in the cove area and the tide was WAY out. All the boys loved trying to find more. Garrett called it our 'treasure'. We walked out on the jetty and took some pictures. Once it started to get dark and cold we went in for the night. The real problem with these little cottages is the lack of sound absorption. It was constantly SO LOUD! Jerry and the boys tried to play board game, well minus Garrett which never goes well. Garrett feel asleep about 8:30pm, we figured we were homefree after he was all settled into his little bed. Boy, were we wrong. He decided to wake up about 10:45, and was no longer sleepy. Really not too much of a problem, except that Mommy and Daddy were tired and the boys were all settled into bed too. I don't even know when he finally gave up and went back to sleep. We were so close to home the temptation to leave was hard to resist. While I am sure we'll go back to the beach, I'm not sure we will want to stay the night.

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