Friday, January 18, 2008

Entering a new world

Okay, so I have been looking at friends' blogs and really enjoying getting to see what they are up to and loving the pictures. Liz, I refer to you right now. I am really happy you got far, far away from the awkward phase. So, I thought maybe I should return the favor. Plus, being married to a Marine means long distance communication, so this can be dual purpose!! Well, only if I can get aforementioned Marine to go to the blog!
We just finished having a visit with the in-laws, and I met Jerry's uncle for the first time (and we have been married for over 12 years). Uncle Will is really great and I regret that all these years have gone by without us having known each other. We had a really good time with our visitors, I hope they had fun too. We went to the Palomar Observatory, they went to the next mountain range over, oh well, the view was pretty, right Mom, Dad and Uncle Will? The kids love having Grandpa and Grandma visit. We learn something from them every time we see them, sometimes too much. Let's just say we learned Grandpa Walter is a Sir Mix-A-Lot fan. The more you know Jer's parents, the more you understand him.

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Lizzie Fish said...

This is my 500th comment today - I wish I'd known about this page before today! OMG!

Anyway - it's great. Your kids are awesome and I hope this deployment goes by really quickly and safely for all of you.