Saturday, February 19, 2011


Okay, Jeremy Roy, I get it. After the couple of hints about how you can view the blog this time, I'm thinking you want me to put some current pictures on here. I am so stinkin' smart sometimes!

Steven at the conclusion of Rumble on the the Rock.

Someone is still little enough to have a harder time understanding just how long it will take for Daddy to come home, so we made a chain. He wrote the numbers on all of them. And he even remembers to take one off each night. I'm just happy he doesn't still ask me every night if Daddy will be home soon.

Principal's Honor Roll. Flippin' Sweet.

Seth and his not girlfriend friend, Irene. Ready to get away from the camera and to the Friendship Dance.

A few of us moms went over later just make sure everything was, order. The kids were having a lot of fun. I even got a picture or two.

And honey, don't worry, I will make sure to get some pictures of Thomas up next time so you can see him too!

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