Sunday, October 3, 2010

April Part I

Wow, looking back April 2010 was a busy month!

As you can see, soccer was still thumbs down with Garrett.

Seth went on a walking field trip to a local park. They were learning how to use landmarks to navigate. Seth was in charge of taking pictures to help trace their steps.
This traditional Japanese house and garden are right outside the gate of the base we live on.

Here is what the manhole covers look like where we live (out in town, not on base). There is a bull ring here, could you have guessed?

Seth with his group.

Manzamo Point.

Cave entrance. We went in there. I didn't want to, but it hard to stand there and get shown up by a five year old!

Standing in the cave looking out.
Inside the cave with the other way in/out that actually has stairs cut into the rock.

Little kids getting a head start for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Big kids in on the action!

This an example of a typical shrine that exist all over the island. This one was at the park we were playing at. Generation after generation of a family are buried in the shrine. Americans are never allowed in the shrines unless escorted by an Okinawan.

On the other side of the park, is the Agena Bull Ring, where we came across these guys. Luckily they didn't mind us sitting and watching them. They seemed to be taping a video for some kind of assignment or advertisement.

These last 3 photos are from the day at Manzamo Point. The boys were tired and sitting at a picnic table, and this is the graffiti they created. Naughty boys.

Seth in English, and Japanese.

"Steven was here", classic.

And not just Vaughn, but "Vaughn Walter" and in Japanese as well. Great. Someone needs a lesson is proper graffiti techniques.

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Our Family of Four said...

Hmmm, so they didn't get their Mama's brains. But cool they know their names in Japanese. Are they learning to speak as well?