Sunday, November 15, 2009


Seth is a creative, curious kid. He has the tendency to ask odd questions, often out of the blue. I'm used to it, I just answer and get on with life. I don't wonder where he gets any of it from anymore. It is just him. One of his out of nowhere questions was "Mom, have you ever heard of tomato soup?" Well, of course I told him. He then asked if it was sold over here. Again, yes, at the commissary. So, he asked me to buy some. I did. This is why he asked about it, and why he wanted some.

And he discovered he is a fan of tomato soup, so I have his approval to keep buying it.


Morgan said...

FYI - The Heinz variety of tomato soup doesn't have any HFCS in it. Seth is so grown up. It's so weird seeing the boys turning into men. I watched Austen walk out the door just a bit ago thinking he looks like a "guy" not a boy.

It's a good thing I'm fixed.

KhrisW said...

That's creative. I love the face there, awesome work!

Khris said...

"Obey the social social ethics." Thanks for the sidebar about, hilarious. I'll show it to the boys when they come home!